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Many understand that good nutrition is very important. Unfortunately, today’s society has a poor concept of what constitutes a good diet, and our fast paced lifestyles can make eating healthfully a chore. At the same time, controversial dietary regimes and a vast array of fad diets add even more confusion to our modern day eating habits. We are seeing a correlation between the rapid deterioration in the quality of people’s lives in the form of obesity, depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and other avoidable conditions having roots in poor eating habits and nutrition. We seek to remedy this problem by informing people on optimal and sustainable nutrition that will help them look and feel their best, the approach taken often varies depending on the individuals needs.

One of the unique components of Chinese nutrition is that it determines the thermal, metabolic, and energetic gestures and therapeutic properties of foods instead of analyzing the chemical constituents of them. For example the ways calories are determined for a cup of cashews in conventional nutritional science involves burning them to ash and calculating the total amount of heat/energy released from them, however, this is NOT how our body processes cashews! Much of the time we are only absorbing a percentage of the calories stated on the label, whereas with an animal fat like lard or butter, we are absorbing nearly all of the calories because of the way it is absorbed, alongside with secondary negative effects on hormones and metabolism. The opposite can be true for other specific foods, and the combination of food groups consumed at the same time. Chinese nutrition helps create clarity in a confusing and outdated approach to nutrition and "calories"! Another advantage of this approach lies in its ability to customize every recommendation to each individual’s needs. Lastly, Chinese nutrition takes into consideration such factors as method of preparation, body type, season, and one’s geographical location in determining the appropriate foods. Understanding what foods your ancestors and gene pool historically ate can be helpful in formulating a proper nutrition plan. The results of some simple dietary changes can lead to miraculous benefits.

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