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For the first time in human history, through technology and modern day shipping capabilities, practitioners of herbalism have access to herbs from nearly every corner of the planet, where as early as a hundred years ago people were limited to using herbs found only in their local area. Not only do we have access to nearly every herb/plant available, we have the ability to tap into thousands upon thousands of years worth of herbal/plant knowledge from many indigenous healing traditions! This includes European, African, Amazonian, Native American, Ayurveda, Aboriginal, and the most fully intact of all the herbal medicine systems, Chinese herbal medicine!

Unlike other systems of herbology, which promotes single herbs with singular benefits, Chinese herbal medicine uses combinations of herbs in unique architecture and can treat multiple dysfunctions at the same time. Our pharmacy contains many proprietary herbal formulas designed to strengthen the human constitution and increase overall vitality. Herbs can be very powerful, but in order to work best they must be prescribed based on a proper diagnosis and administered specific to the patient. The herbs we use are of the highest quality with strict quality standards and sourced from 3 of the most highly respected herbal medicine companies on earth.

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