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For thousands of years, the tradition of calligraphy has been considered the highest form of art in many ancient cultures. In China and Japan, for instance, calligraphy, or “beautiful writing,” has served as more than just an alluring visual. The roots of understanding and deep contemplation that come through the art uplift all aspects of one’s life.

The practice of becoming a calligrapher requires unwavering focus and refined tactile skills. The art form is transmitted in a deep, meditative state from the writer, through the brush to paper and offers a profound way to further develop body, mind and spirit.

My teacher, Dr Zhi Gang Sha, is the sole lineage holder of the rare, ancient form of Yi Bi Zi Chinese calligraphy taught by 103-year-old Professor Li Qiu Yun. This unique form of one-stroke writing carries high-level messages to promote a harmonious, positive life.

The intricate characters combine to describe the greatest qualities of life —love, forgiveness, compassion and service to others. The positive affirmations, concentration and meditative aspects lead to harmonious mindsets, attitudes and beliefs.

Tao calligraphy is unique because it utilizes a powerful movement practice. The message is traced with the hands or whole body while chanting the positive message. The art is a fun, powerful way to help people move and meditate. Benefits of regular tracing include better circulation, stress reduction, relaxation and mental clarity. 

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